American Pit Bull

American Pit Bull Choosing the Right One

The American Pit Bull Terrier isn’t recognized by either the United Kennel Club or the American Dog Breeders Association; but not the American Kennel Club, either. It’s a medium-size, medium-length, hard-shelled dog, with a muscular build, whose ancestors originally came from the British Isles. They were originally bred to be used as fighting dogs. Pit Bulls also has a reputation for being good family pets and being intelligent. The American Pit Bull Terrier may even have been used as a test dog. 

It’s an absolutely amazing dog – so beautiful, in fact, that it’s been often used in film studios to model for the fur colors of the final reel of fur-producing movie black cats. The American Pit Bull Terrier was first bred to be a companion or watchdog for humans. There are believed to be around fifteen different color strains in the American Pit Bull Terrier, with the standard genetic background lying somewhere between the short brown pit bulls and the long black ones. The American Pit Bull Terrier tends to be an easy breed to breed, which has made it very popular in breed rescue organizations.

Before you buy your puppy from a shelter or American Pit Bull Terrier rescue, you need to carefully research all of your options. You’ll want to know everything from when and how the puppy was born to what medical problems it might have. American Pit Bull Terriers has had some serious issues over the years, from hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism to allergies, epilepsy, blindness, heart disease, and liver disease. All of these can lead to very expensive care when the puppy reaches adulthood, so it’s important to choose wisely. 

Good breeders don’t hesitate to share their knowledge and experiences with potential owners. Good breeders not only understand the needs of the breed, but they also understand the personality of each puppy. It’s important to work with a good breeder instead of just picking up the phone and calling the next place that you heard about. Ask a lot of questions, and if you feel like the answers you get are vague or aren’t appropriate, move on to another breeder. 

When you have found several good breeders to look at, the next step is to talk to the rescue group. Many rescue groups have websites, where owners can post information about their puppies and usually pictures as well. You can also sometimes contact the rescue group directly, either by phone or email. You should never leave the contact details of the breeder and/or the breeder’s facility numbers, as they may try to contact you in the future to sell you a puppy. It’s best to stick with the breeders and rescue groups that have been in business for a long time, as you will be more likely to get reliable information from them. 

Once you’ve talked to some of the local breeders, it’s now time to visit the shelters and rescue groups to check out the pups. If you don’t like what you see, don’t buy the puppy. It’s better to take half a dozen dogs and try to breed them than to buy one puppy, have it go bad and then have to pay thousands of dollars for its care. Reputable breeders are always willing to take in a few puppies that aren’t suitable to start breeding right away, as they want to make sure they are going to be good candidates to fill the American Pit Bull Terrier’s intended purpose. 

After visiting the rescue locations, try to locate an American Pit Bull Terrier breeder with an excellent reputation. You should visit at least three reputable breeders before making your decision. Ask the breeder questions, and go see the animals in question. It’s very important to have faith in the breeder that is showing you the dog – any reputable breeder will let you see the animal in question, not attempt to lie to you about the breed. 

When you’ve found the right breeder, talk to the shelter or rescue group about the breed. They should be happy to help you with any questions you have. American Pit Bull Terrier breed rescues and shelters also have websites, which give you much more information about the breed and about finding rescues and shelters. It’s also a great place to find a list of qualified breeders and to learn about American Pit Bull Terrier rescue organizations as well. Your local American Pit Bull Terrier rescue will have a web site that features not only the breeder(s) that are available to breed you the puppies, but also a list of all of the different kinds of dogs they have available for adoption.

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