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Best Relaxing Activity for You and Your Dog

For years, dogs have been known to reduce stress and relax humans, but sometimes, even they deserve to relax. 

Dogs have changed countless lives, so we owe them a little time and attention. 

If you are wondering how to relax with your dog, here are some activities you can try. But, of course, your dog mainly wants your love and attention, so you need to be involved in these relaxing activities too. Otherwise, they may not enjoy the break as much. 

Doga: Yoga for Dogs

Suzi Teitelman created Doga or Yoga for Dogs in 2001. How can I practice calming with my dog? Well, Doga may be the answer.

Doga involves practicing physical discipline with your dog. As a dog owner, you will find this a pleasant opportunity to spend some quality time with your dog while also participating in this fitness exercise. 

Taking inspiration from human yoga and how dogs stretch, Doga makes it easier for the dog and its owner to build a stronger relationship. Your bond strengthens, especially when you regularly assist them with particular poses.

You can do this activity at home or in a yoga class with other humans or dogs. Remember to go at your dog’s pace. If your dog hasn’t done Doga before, you might want to take it slow. 

Here are some great poses to serve as a starting point for your Doga activity.

  • Chaturanga
  • Heart to Hound Mudra
  • Chair Pose
  • Savasana
  • Puppy Paw Mudra

Another relaxing activity can be conditioned relaxation for dogs.  This can help your dog release physical muscle tension. 

If your dog is old or recovering from an injury, it is best to let them relax on a mat while dog training for best results. This is also ideal as dogs do not do well on tile and hardwood floors.

Visit a Dog-friendly Restaurant

There is nothing wrong with craving something special once in a while. But, instead of getting your hands dirty in the kitchen, consider going for dinner at a dog-friendly restaurant. 

Without worrying about the mess in the kitchen and not having to do the dishes, you can have a nice relaxing time at a restaurant with your pup. 

Consider choosing an open-air restaurant where other dogs visit so that while you enjoy your dinner, your pooch can enjoy some playtime with its new buddies. 

Don’t forget to check the menu for dog food and order something delicious for them. It could be something that has coconut in it. Coconut helps alleviate itching and yeast infections. If you are wondering can my dog eat coconut, yes, they can.

Doggy Bubble Bath

A bubble bath can be a very relaxing activity for your dog. 

Although, before giving your dog a nice bubble bath, you should check with your vet. 

Unless your dog has an underlying skin condition, you shouldn’t bathe them every week. Before putting your dog under the shower or in the bathtub, check the temperature of the water. Since dogs can have difficulty recovering from extreme temperatures, the water should be lukewarm, not too hot or too cold. You can ensure this by getting into the bathtub with your dog.  

If possible, get a snack to keep your dog distracted while you clean their paws and body.  Once done, keep the towel ready so your dog won’t splash water all over the place. 

Dogs do not necessarily enjoy baths, so if your dog isn’t so excited about taking a bath, don’t force them, we are trying to relax them and not make them panic.

If you have a puppy and are wondering how to get a puppy to relax, try giving them a bubble bath, and they will love it.

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Walk Outdoors

If you feel your hyperactive dog is low on energy or is nervous about something, take it outside for a nice walk. This will help it get rid of some nervousness while getting some exercise. 

If you live in a city, find a public park nearby, away from the noise of vehicles and the buzz of the city. You can even go on a hike in a new place to get your dog excited. The walk may help release endorphins that can reduce nervousness and pain and create a feeling of euphoria. 

A walk in the great outdoors can help your dog stay active and relaxed, at the same time. 

Spa Day

Nothing beats a spa day if you are looking for rejuvenation and relaxation. Some people think they need to spend considerable money on their dogs to pamper them, but you don’t have to. You can give your dog a spa experience from the comfort of your home. 

Start by playing some relaxing music in a comfortable environment where your dog will feel relaxed. You can even use aromatherapy. 

Next, give your dog an excellent massage. This will be extra beneficial if your dog suffers from arthritis. Try using essential oils during the massage to benefit both you and your dog.

Take a Day off and Do Nothing

Dogs love it when their humans stay home and spend time with them. So it’s worth taking a day off for your pooch and giving them all the attention and love you can’t give them on your working days.  

A great way to spend time with your dog is to snuggle up on the couch together. Alternatively, you can read them a book or watch their favorite TV show if those are their favorite activities.

Your fluffy friend will appreciate having you around all day and knowing they don’t have to see you leave.

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Last but not least, if you are wondering how to relax with your dog, you can play with them. Allow your dog to run around the house for a few minutes. This is a fantastic way for them to release some energy and feel relaxed.

 Give them their favorite toys, or you may even play fetch or tug-of-war with your puppy if it likes these games. 

No matter which of these calming activities for dogs you choose, nothing will relax them more than having you around them all day, pampering them.

 So make sure you give them the attention and care they need while indulging in these relaxing activities. 

Several of the activities listed above, such as a bubble bath and a spa day, require you to consult your vet, so you do not use products that are not suitable for your dog. We hope this article helped you figure out how to relax with your dog.

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