Travel Destinations In The World

Best Travel Destinations In The World

When it comes to holiday destinations most people tend to steer clear from. Instead they opt for places that offer more relaxation or pampering – although it’s hard to justify such an attitude when you can easily spend weeks on end in some of the most fabulous holiday resorts in the world. However, for lovers of fine food and wine this may not be enough to make their visit worthwhile. So what is a traveller to do if a destination offers a combination of the very best of both worlds?

Well, one answer is to look at destinations that are included in two of the top travel destinations in the world. Venice and Rome are destinations that appeal to every aspect of a holiday that most people would regard as relaxing and pampering. With its intricate, historic palaces, richly furnished gondola rides, hundreds of brightly coloured bridges, canals and unforgettable romantic ambiance, Venice is well worth any bucket list entry. And so no list of world’s best travel destinations in the world could be complete without noting Venice in this category.


Rome is the capital of Italy and a favourite with tourists looking to visit some beautiful places in the country. On any list of the world’s best destinations for vacationers, Rome should definitely feature. Rome is one place where all tastes are catered for. There is something here for everybody from opera enthusiasts to foodies; the place is also home to some stunning historical ruins that are steeped in history. No trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to the Colliseum and the Vatican Museum.


Florence is another place that makes up a great part of any traveller’s itinerary. Florence is home to some of the most beautifully decorated buildings in Italy and is also a city famous for its gorgeous artwork and museums. The best places to explore in Florence are the Catacombs of Florentine, the Duomo, Pincio and Sistine Chapel and Palazzo Reale.

Anjuna and Acapulco

Anjuna and Acapulco are two of the most popular travel destinations in India. These cities each have their own charm and offer something unique to travelers. One can easily spend a week in these cities without going bored. Some of the must see destinations include Fort Aguada, Los Limoneros and Alabang Palace. A boat ride on the bay of Acapulco is a must do activity and visitors to this part of South America can get to experience its stunning sunset and sunrises.


If you are looking for the perfect getaway to take when on holiday, Mexico is the perfect destination. Mexico has so much to offer and has been a preferred choice among tourists for a long time. There are several fabulous destinations that travelers can choose from. Las Vegas is one of the most amazing places to visit. The shopping experience in Mexico is unforgettable and the entire trip is full of excitement. Other must see destinations include Acapulco, Tijuana, Vera Jalisco and Acapulco.


The Philippines have several great ocean road destination locations. These places are easily reached by sea or air and can be explored with various interesting activities such as diving, snorkeling and kayaking. There are numerous beaches that tourists can visit and many of them are highly organized tours with experienced and knowledgeable tour guides. One of the most organized tours is the two Kai tour which will allow travelers to visit the small village of Trakai and learn more about the people, culture and history of this place. Other beaches that can be visited include Baybay Islands, Baguio and Caticlan. Other than organized tours, cruises and travel packages are also available.


Alaska is another fantastic place that can be visited. It has some of the most incredible scenic scenery and there are many attractions that tourists can visit and explore on a trip here. One of the most popular destinations that tourists often visit when they travel to Alaska is the Markiket. This glacier park is visited by thousands of travelers during the summer and early fall every year. This park offers some of the best views of nature and the Alaskan landscape at the same time. Other must see attractions include Yukon River Bank, South Fork Snake River, Anchorage, Fairbanks and Denali National Park.

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