Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10

How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10

Have you ever had a Bluetooth not working in Windows 10? I know I have and then went out and got another one. But have they all worked? The answer is yes, they have all worked except for the first one I talked about. It was the second one that would not work.

It seems like a lot of things could be the reason why this would happen. Sometimes it just does not seem to want to cooperate. When it comes to the Bluetooth devices and gadgets that we have, they tend to use up more power than others. This seems to be the case with it not working in Windows 10.

Why would this happen? Well, there are many reasons and they are all very good reasons. You might be having a weak or non-working Bluetooth device. You might be trying to do something that will drain the battery on the device. Maybe you are just not using it right now. Whatever the reason is, you can easily get around it by simply downloading the update for your device and getting it fixed.

So, what should you do if you have the Bluetooth not working in Windows 10? You firstly, try to find out what caused the problem in the first place. Was it an issue with the software, was it a hardware problem?

Software corrupted

If you were able to discover what actually caused the problem then you should try to find out which software that you might have downloaded onto your computer that might have caused the problem. Is it something that Microsoft has stopped from installing? Maybe it has been corrupted or there is a virus that has infected it. No matter what it is, you can easily download and install again. Many people do this on a regular basis and it fixes the problems.

Hardware issue

If it is a hardware issue, then you should try to check if the battery is still charging. Many times, the battery will start working again once you have unplugged and powered it down. Have a look at the other items that are plugged into the computer as well. Make sure everything is plugged in properly and the power strip is on. Many times, these errors can be corrected by simply re-installing the program.

Device not present

The most common Bluetooth not working in Windows 10 issue is when a device is trying to communicate with a Bluetooth device that is not present. This can often be fixed by simply restarting the system. Simply remove any new applications that you have and reinstall them. This should put the devices working again.

If none of these options help, then you should try to contact the developer of the application. This is often a simple fix that many people do not think to try. If the developer does not have an immediate answer or solution, then you may want to consider purchasing a Bluetooth adapter from an online retailer. This is much less expensive than hiring someone to come out and repair it for you. However, if your Bluetooth not working in Windows 10 issue is a hardware problem, then it may be something else that you need to look at.

Stay away from unknown Bluetooth device

Something else that you can do to avoid Bluetooth not working in Windows 10 is to stay away from unknown Bluetooth devices. Many times, if you have found an unknown Bluetooth peripheral device, but you have already installed the operating system, then you may not be able to use this device. In particular, Microsoft has made some changes to prevent the use of Bluetooth peripheral device files on Windows systems. Therefore, if you are trying to use one of these devices, you will not be able to use it unless you either uninstall the device or copy it to a different location on your computer. However, if you find that the Bluetooth not working in Windows 10 is due to this change, then you can download and install the latest version of the Bluetooth drivers.

Perhaps one of the most annoying problems with Bluetooth devices is the random lockups and stalls that occur while you are in the process of making a call. Sometimes, this stall can last up to ten minutes. Worse, sometimes the device will just completely stop working, rendering the device unusable until you restart your machine. Fortunately, this problem is entirely fixable. You just need to be able to restore the Bluetooth settings to the default settings before you call.

Hopefully by now you can see that Bluetooth not working in Windows 10 isn’t just a problem for Microsoft. In fact, it’s a problem for any computer that uses Bluetooth technology. You just need to know how to fix the errors that cause the issue. Luckily, most of these errors can be fixed with a simple application called a “registry cleaner.”

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