Foods That Causes Bad Breath

Foods That Causes Bad Breath – What You Should Know

Many people are unaware that certain foods cause bad breath. If you have never had your teeth examined, you could be passing along this information to all of the people in your social circle. This is not a problem that will deter many people from continuing to eat certain foods. In fact, this problem seems to only increase with age and the knowledge of what these foods can cause.

Onions and garlic

Foods like onions and garlic cause a problem for many people. It seems to be a combination of the smell and the pungent taste of these foods. Although you brush and floss regularly, there will always be residual food trapped between your teeth. Over time this buildup can begin to create a bad odor around your mouth. Most people try to brush and floss as often as they can, but this does little to remove this problem.

Many other foods seem to irritate this problem even more. One of the worst culprits are spices such as onions, curry, and hot pepper sauces. Spices such as these release sulphur compounds into your mouth when they are heated. These compounds are a common cause of bad breath in people who eat them frequently. The offending foods should be avoided if possible, or avoided until the problem clears up.


Coffee is another food that causes bad breath. The chemical compounds in coffee can irritate your gums and lead to gum disease. As you may know yourself, having your morning cup of coffee in the morning can really get you going. However, the effects of coffee to your body, especially to your gums, are not known, so you may want to consider avoiding it all together.

There are many different types of preservatives and additives that also affect bad breath. It seems that everything from artificial flavors to salt to vegetable dye to high fructose corn syrup can cause bad breath. Basically, anything with a high number of yeast derivatives in it can cause you to have problems with bad breath. Therefore, you should pay attention to the ingredients of any product you buy, particularly if you tend to consume a lot of these products.

Natural cleaning products

Many natural cleaning products have been designed to clean the mouth thoroughly without causing an unpleasant odor. Typically, they work by creating a thin film on the surface of the tongue and in the back of the throat. If you have a buildup of food particles on the back of your tongue or in your throat, this film will trap some of the food particles, thus reducing the offensive odor of the breath. Many natural cleaning products are designed to work on hard to reach places like the teeth, the gums, the back of the throat, and the gums around the lips.


Many people believe that toothpaste is the best thing that can be used to clean their mouth. However, this is simply not true. Yes, toothpaste does help to reduce the amount of bacteria on the surface of your mouth. However, there are also a variety of other factors involved. Many types of toothpaste contain alcohol which can destroy the surface of the tongue and decrease the flow of saliva, thus reducing the amount of food particles that remain after brushing. In addition, certain types of toothpaste can cause dryness of the mouth, which can also make it easier for food particles to remain.

Foods that cause bad breath can be difficult to identify. Typically, if the problem is located in the mouth, the tongue will usually have the odor mentioned above. The source of the bad breath will be different in some people. If you are trying to figure out what the source is, consider trying to determine where the dryness of the mouth is the worst. This may help you find the source of the bad breath.

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