Further Education

Further Education – Higher Education

Higher education is university education resulting in award of an online academic degree or diploma. Higher education, sometimes called post-secondary schooling, tertiary or higher level education, is a program of study leading to graduation of a degree. There are different levels of higher education – associate, bachelor, master and doctorate. The post-secondary programs are for students who have not completed any formal classroom education but who wish to complete a qualification in an educational field. 

Associate education

Associate education is usually for people who want to start a career immediately after finishing their secondary education and for those who don’t want to go back to school after getting married. The coursework of the Bachelor’s degree varies from one field to another. Usually, Bachelor’s degrees are awarded for four years and some of the fields of study are Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts and Business. For those who complete the Bachelor’s degree in Humanities, they have to enroll in a specific course which can be of short duration or longer duration. Normally, the courses include English Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Comparative linguistics, General education and History. 

Bachelor’s degree

The Bachelor’s degree coursework may vary considerably for the different universities. For instance, in the United States, there are certain sequences such as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Business Administration and a Doctorate in Nursing. In United Kingdom, the sequence for the Bachelor of Arts in Business includes Accounting, Economics, English, Environment and Communication. Some universities in United Kingdom offer courses in Science, Mathematics, Law and Medicine. 

The Bachelor’s degree is the first degree in higher education achieved by an individual. On attaining a master’s degree, the student has the choice of continuing his studies or retiring. Some of the subjects for which one can earn a master’s degree include anthropology, biology, chemistry, East Asian studies, economics, English, humanities, history, legal studies, microbiology, medical science, mathematics, psychology, sociology and science. An individual may also opt for a doctorate program in any of these subjects, which can be completed in less than five years. It is very common for people with bachelor’s degrees in arts and sciences, to go on and get appointments as professors or senior researchers at various institutions. 

The University of Nairobi (UON) is one of the leading educational establishments in Kenya. This university offers online educational programs which enable students to earn a full master’s in education with one easy step. The Nairobi University offers degrees in Education, Arts and Sciences. This is one of the major educational institutions in Kenya. 

University of Nairobi offers courses in Humanities, Education, Management and Entrepreneurship. There are certain master’s programs in Education and Statistics. The Bachelor’s in Education consists of three compulsory subjects and one optional subject. One of the compulsory subjects is social science and humanities, which can be completed by students who have passed the general education and have completed their first two years of secondary school. 

A student who has completed his bachelor’s degree and wants to continue his post-graduate studies in education can pursue the Master’s in Education with his honors. For students who want to complete their education at a faster pace, they should enroll for online education programs. Online education enables students to achieve his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a much shorter period of time. There are various universities and colleges that offer online education programs in different disciplines. Online education enables students to continue their education from the convenience of their homes. 

There are certain requirements that are necessary for students to achieve his/her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in education in a shorter period of time. Students should be eligible for admission. General Education Quota (GEQ) is a mandatory requirement for most universities and colleges. If you have not fulfilled the minimum requirement or have failed to gain admittance into a university or college, you may request an application for a General Education Development (GE) Supplement. This is an application which will help you in getting financial assistance in pursuing your education in the university or college of your choice.

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