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5 Helpful Advice To Improve Intimate Life

Intimacy is a beautiful feeling two individuals share. On the surface, it appears as a physical act but impacts mental health as well. Numerous studies have confirmed that maintaining healthy sex life has positive effects on the body and mind. On the one hand, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, while on the other, intimacy helps in dealing with mind-related problems like depression and anxiety.

Despite knowing its benefits and enjoying sex, an increasing number of people struggle to maintain intimacy with their partners.  Stress is a prominent enemy that enters the bedroom and spoils the intimate life. Besides, problems like low sex drive and erectile dysfunction make things worse. As a result, your intimate life struggles to exist.

Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem, especially problems related to the bedroom. Here are five helpful pieces of advice to improve intimate life. 

1. Using Herbs to Improve Your Performance

Sexual performance is a delicate topic. Many individuals find it challenging to accept the necessity of external help to improve their intimate life. However, once you overcome this problem, you start noticing numerous herbal solutions. These herbs act as an aphrodisiac and enable it for maximum sexual performance. Here are some of the examples of herbs that can help you to improve your performance.

a. Kratom:

The evergreen tree from Southeast Asian forests offers multiple health benefits. One of them is boosting energy. Nowadays, a staggering number of people use Kratom to improve their sex life.

b. Shilajit: 

According to Ayurvedic scripts, Shilajit is an effective remedy against problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Regular consumption of Shilajit leads to prolonged sex sessions.

c. Ashwagandha: 

This herb is for ladies out there. Ashwagandha is a very effective remedy for low sex drive. Along with the above options, herbs like ginseng, ginger, Maca, Damiana, etc., also help improve sexual performance. 

2. Spicing Things Up

Everyone has sexual fantasies, and nothing is more enjoyable than fulfilling them. Take efforts to know your partner’s fantasies and work to make them happen. Things like role play also help a lot in improving intimate life. Role-plays are a fun way to spice things up. You can buy a costume or even a few more things to improve the role play.

Furthermore, spontaneity is also great when it comes to intimacy. One cannot simply plan the way they feel at any given point in time. So, rather than planning too much, just improvise. Spicing things up to make sex enjoyable. Besides, doing such things is a sweet way of telling your partner how much you care about their desires. This helps in strengthening the beautiful bond between you both.

3. Having Realistic Expectations

It is kind of ironic to put realistic expectations right after advising spicing things up. Many times, people have larger-than-life expectations when it comes to sex. Sometimes these expectations are from themselves, while other times, they expect unrealistic things from their partner.

Unfortunately, this is the real world, and not all expectations come true. This can be disheartening, which eventually deteriorates intimacy. However, you can simply avoid that by keeping realistic expectations from you and your partner. 

4. Taking Efforts on Your Relation

A romantic relation consists of myriads of things, and sex is just one facet of that. Indeed, it is essential for the sustenance of the relationship, but you have to pay attention to other parts of your relationship. Remember, it is not the result but your efforts that count. So, make an effort to learn about your partner.

Sometimes, small things bring a lot more happiness than big gestures. Small things like buying flowers, remembering anniversaries, or cooking small meals are a few of the good ways of expressing your love. Taking efforts on your relationship shows that you value the bond above everything, which eventually gives more depth to your intimate life. 

5. Communicating

All advice about maintaining a relationship ends in communication. Asking questions like ‘what’s for dinner or ‘do you want to eat’ is talking, not communication. Ask your partner about elaborative questions like how their day was, why are they upset, etc. Discuss each other’s problems and try to build a creative solution together.

Another crucial part of effective communication is listening. Do not listen to react, but do it to understand. Listening to your partner’s problems and trying to understand them brings you closer. Effective communication slowly empowers you as a couple. You begin to know each other on a deeper level, which helps you have a vivid, intimate life.


Intimacy makes sex a celebration of the bond between two people, and one must treat it like that. Nowadays, people take it for granted and often ignore intimacy over plain physical relations. It works for several people. However, if you want to improve your intimate life, you need to look beyond the physical part of it. Start taking effort into your relationship and do not take it for granted. Make each other feel special even after being together for several years. When you do such things for your partner, it reflects on the intimate part of life.

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