Cat Love You

How Much Does Your Cat Love You?

How much does your cat love you? This is the question most pet owners want to know before they spoil their pets. Many people have a hard time gauging their own feelings towards their pets because, even though they get to enjoy a lot of special treats and attention from their feline friends, they rarely get to share the affection back. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve tried to read how much does your cat love you but got no closer to an answer. Here are some things that will help you learn whether your cat loves you or not. 

Your cat behaviour

First, it’s important to consider how you behave toward your cat. Cats are extremely territorial creatures and they need to be in charge at all times. When you constantly leave them in the dark or on their own, they’ll feel as if they’re being abandoned and may start to get quite agitated. If you’d like to learn more about how you can encourage your cat to behave appropriately towards other people and animals, keep reading. 


When playing with your cat, you’ll want to make sure that you show her that you’re paying attention to her. This can be done by gently patting her on the head and then giving her a treat when she complies. You can also play with your cat by tossing a ball back and forth between you two, which will excite her. If she wants to play with you, she’ll play with you! 


Another way of asking yourself how much does your cat love you is to pay attention to how she reacts when you do certain things. For example, if you take her outside on a leash, how does she react? Some cats don’t like the interaction at all and will become distressed and angry. Others, however, will become excited by the fact that they are being let out into the sunshine. You’ll know how much your cat loves you and the time spent outdoors by how her tail will stand upright and point in the direction of the door. 

Paying attention to how your cat responds to you is an excellent way of learning about your pet’s feelings toward you, but it won’t answer any of your deeper questions, such as, How much does your cat love me? Only your pet can tell you that, but if you’re watching her closely, you’ll notice subtle changes in her attitude. This can be a clue that she associates your touch with something positive. 


Cats are known to have very unique personalities. Some are very laid back and shy, while others are extremely playful and talkative. If your cat is the former, you may want to ease into your playing habits and just toss a ball or two around and let her play for a while. If she is the latter, you’ll need to be stern and persistent if you want her to learn to be your friend. In general, cats like to play when they are either relaxed or around other cats. When she is bored, she tends to look for activity herself, so be patient and keep coming back to her. 

What you don’t do, however, is trying to force her to associate any form of physical contact with playing with you. Not only could this lead to your cat developing a strong emotional bond to you, but it also would set up a bad example for her. Imagine your cat looking upon you with fear and irritation every time you bring her near you. Your furry friend would develop an equally bad opinion of you, and it’s possible she could even try to attack you if she feels threatened. 

In general, though, the amount of time your cat spends out of your presence will be a reflection of how much she loves you. If you show her that she has everything she needs to be happy, including attention and play, she’ll be happy to return the favor. If you think she’d like a bit more independence, let her go out by herself for a bit to see how she enjoys being alone. Once you’ve worked out exactly what she needs, and how you’re going to provide it, she’ll be very grateful for your help in making her feel secure and loved.

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