How to Talk to Girls

How to Talk to Girls – Build Attraction

If you want to learn how to talk to girls, then there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, what is it that you would like to say? Would you like to just get a response from her or would you like to pick up a conversation? If you would like to just get a response then you need to know what things to talk about with a girl.

Knowing What She Likes

How does she dress? Is she wearing something revealing? If she isn’t wearing anything revealing then this will help you decide if she is the type of person who would like a long and involved conversation or maybe she would be more comfortable chatting at a coffee shop. If she seems more comfortable chatting at a coffee shop or sitting at the counter eating a donut then you might have found your next friend. It’s all about knowing what she likes and dislikes, and talking about those topics.

Make Suspense

Now, when you start the conversation you need to maintain suspense. Maintaining suspense means keeping the topic up in discussion but not giving her every single reason to talk to you. For example, if you ask her how she feels about the weather, then you don’t have to ask her what she feels about jelly doughnuts. You can tell her that jelly doughnuts are good on her body, but she doesn’t need to tell you why. However, if she was to tell you she’s having second thoughts about jelly doughnuts, then you could start discussing them.

Talk More

One way to maintain a conversation is to keep things to a minimum. Say you’re talking about football and she asks you about hot dogs. You don’t have to go into great detail, just something like how you went to eat at this particular restaurant last night. That’s a good starting point because now you’re just introducing yourself. Girls love to talk about the things they know and want, so the more you talk about the things they already know, the more they will start to open up to you.

Normal Conversation

Another way to talk to a girl is to use a normal conversation topic. If she’s asking you questions about your own life, start a conversation about her too. If she’s just plain asking you to meet her for a drink, you can start a normal conversation about nothing but the weather. While you’re opening the conversation with interesting conversation topics, you will also be building attraction because women love to talk about themselves.

Once you have started the conversation about her, continue the conversation on her and don’t let it go anywhere. Keep talking about her and about life in general. At the same time, pay attention to the other people in the conversation and try to notice them. If you notice them paying attention to someone, then you can try to steal the spotlight away from them and make them pay attention to you.


If you notice that she is paying attention to the others around her, and all of a sudden she stops paying attention to you, then you have built too much Nervousness in her. Don’t be nervous when talking to a girl, but be slightly nervous when trying to get a girl to notice you. Being a little bit nervous, will cause her to subconsciously put you in a good light and make you seem less intimidating. The more you act like an ordinary guy, the more she will want to be with you.

Now that you know how to talk to a girl, you should be able to have an amazing first date. Just remember to always talk to a girl about something that interests her, like what her favorite color is, her job, or anything else that interests her. When you talk to a girl about stuff that you have in common, then she will feel comfortable around you and it will be a lot easier to build the attraction.

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