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Improve Physical Intimacy – Improve Your Intimacy Now!

Many marriages end in divorce because of a lack of intimacy. This lack of intimacy is usually not the fault of one party. Instead, it is usually the fault of one or both parties. This lack of intimacy can stem from many different situations. The list below describes some of the most common reasons why couples end their intimate relationship.

Lack of Physical Intimacy can stem from many different circumstances. When one party stops trying or making themselves available to the other, the lack of intimacy can begin. Not being able to spend time together can lead to a negative emotional and physical intimacy spiral. Even if the spouses do make time together, they may not have a fulfilling, intimate relationship.

Spend Less Time

Children Kids Sometimes parents just don’t allow each other the time to spend with their children. One or both parents may be too busy at work. Or, the parent with the job may be abusive, which impacts the emotional health of the child. Parents who allow for meaningful communication with their kids will foster an intimacy in the relationship that will last. It is important to understand that lack of intimacy between you and your partner is sometimes caused by lack of communication from the other partner.


Money Marriages often fail because one or both partners hold a traditional “paying” role in the relationship. Money problems can bring friction and infertility. Couples who value their intimate relationship have a much greater chance of maintaining it and improving it. Discussing how money relates to your intimate relationship can help you both begin to establish a more loving relationship.


Lack of Comfort Being in an intimate relationship can be uncomfortable. If you’re always feeling uncomfortable, then intimacy suffers. Both you and your partner should be comfortable in the relationship. By developing a physical intimacy that creates security, both you and your partner will have an easier time improving your relationship.

Emotional support

Lack of Support Being in an intimate relationship without significant support can bring its own challenges. Both you and your partner must be available to each other for emotional support. Emotional intimacy is necessary when you are struggling with fear, pain or negative feelings. Even if you are not comfortable dealing with those things, it is okay. The intimacy in a relationship that is built on support and care is more likely to endure. You need to make sure that you are not sabotaging your relationship by holding onto negative emotions and fears.

Physical activity

Lack of Physical Activity Lack of exercise is detrimental to relationships. Sedentary lifestyles are related to stress and other health issues. Making time for exercise is crucial to your physical, mental and emotional health. Improving your intimacy skills with your partner can be difficult if you do not have regular time together. If you want to improve your intimacy skills with your partner, it is important that you make time for exercise together.

Physical intimacy is a huge part of any intimate relationship. If you want to improve this part of your relationship, it can be done if you are willing to put in the work. It does not have to be hard work. As long as you are committed to making it happen it can become a major element in your intimacy.

If you have not been getting the intimacy that you desire in your relationship lately, there are a few things that you can do to improve physical intimacy. One thing that can help is to take a couple’s fitness program. A couple’s fitness program will help to improve your intimacy skills with your partner. Couples fitness programs can include yoga, Pilates, swimming, dancing, tennis, and more.

Spend more time

Another thing that can help you improve your intimate relationship is to start spending more time with your partner on a regular basis. Spending time with your partner can help you feel closer to them. Your relationship may be lacking intimacy, but it could just be that your partner has a lot on their mind and needs to spend time with you.

If you have been trying to improve your intimate relationship but are not getting the results you want, there are some things that you can do to really kick start this part of your relationship. One thing that you can do is schedule an appointment with a marriage counselor. Marriage counselors are trained to help couples who are having troubles. If you need help improving your relationship a marriage counselor may be the best thing that you do for your relationship.

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