Productive Things To Do In Lockdown

5 Most Productive Things To Do In Lockdown

The pandemic-induced lockdown has halted most of our regular activities, leaving us in our homes with lots of free time. While relaxing at home, you can use the lockdown to improve yourself by indulging in productive practices. Whether you are a student, a programmer, or a housewife, learning fun things like gardening, handicraft, or cycling can go a long way to enrich your future. So if you were searching for productive activity ideas to do during the lockdown, here is a list of five of them.

Try Out Healthy Dishes

The lockdown has forced us to give up our habit of eating out, which is not necessarily a bad thing. At a time when people are forced to cook for themselves, why not learn some healthy recipes to improve your immunity? Here are some no-fuss recipes for developing your culinary skills:

  • Bread-egg fry: In the lockdown, you may run out of expensive kitchen supplies like meat, cheese, or corn. A quick toast of bread and fried eggs can become a hassle-free and nutritious breakfast option for you. Add a slice of cucumber or tomato to make the snack tastier. 
  • Garlic butter rice: This fragrant dish made with regular rice and dollops of butter makes for a great side dish. Garlic contains almost all essential nutrients such as vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, selenium, and fiber. Studies have proven garlic to be an immune booster, making this dish even more vital during the lockdown. 
  • CBD-infused Guacamole: The avocado-based dip, coupled with a few drops of CBD oil from the house of best Weedsmart Dispensary, is your best bet to keep anxiety away in such tense times. You may add chopped mangoes, vegetables, or chips to give the dish a sweet or salty flavor.    

Learn A New Language

Remember those times when you had the urge to greet your friend in Spanish or watch a French movie without the subtitles. Well, if you could not manage time to master a language of your choice, there won’t be any better opportunity than this lockdown.

There are several ways to begin your language learning journey from the comfort of home.

  • You can take the help of numerous online tutorials and YouTube videos 
  • Online dictionaries and language learning e-books can be of great help as well. 
  • Apps like Duolingo, Memrise, and Babbel are famous worldwide for their interactive language learning courses. 
  • You can follow language learning groups on social media and take help from the community whenever you doubt.   
  • Listening to the radio in the language you want to learn can help you understand it better.

Learn Playing An Instrument 

We all have at least one instrument in our homes but seldom find time to play them. Now that you have enough spare time, dust off that violin you got on your last birthday, re-tune your ages-old guitar, and break the pervading gloom with some soothing music. 

However, if you are new to the instruments and do not know how to handle them, the internet can save your day. Websites like udemy offer online music courses for every level of learners. You can choose a local tutor to teach you an instrument if you are not comfortable with online classes. Remember that instruments like piano, guitar, or violin require regular practice and a lot of dedication to excel at them.

Give Your Home A Cleaning

Regular school and office leave us with very little time and energy to clean up the dirty corners of our house. After the monotonous and stressful daily activities, there is hardly any motivation left to grab that broom and bucket, even if it is Sunday. Therefore you should use the lockdown to habituate yourself into keeping your home organized and clean at regular intervals.

The Covid-19 lockdown has made us understand the importance of health precautions. Interestingly, an untidy household is often a hotspot for dust, allergens, and bacteria. So, regularly cleaning your house can avoid germs spread, keep the pests out, and help maintain the good health of your family members. 

Moreover, a neat and clean place can have a pleasant effect on people in these grave times.     

Start Your Kitchen Garden

It has become difficult to procure all types of fresh vegetables when we are hardly going out. Many of you are perhaps left to choose between the same few vegetables that you stocked up a week ago.

To get your daily supplies of fresh and colorful vegetables, you can invest the available time in growing your plants. Not only will it deliver you healthy and non-toxic vegetables, but the process of tending to the garden may help you calm your mind and keep you occupied. 

If you have decided to begin the journey to fresh vegetable produce at home, here are the steps to do so:

  • Choose a location for the kitchen garden that has enough space, proper sunlight, and a water source.
  • Decide the intended produce based on the climate, space, and food preference. 
  • Prepare the soil with natural fertilizers and compost. 
  • Plant the seeds according to appropriate planting and ripening cycles. 
  • Water the plants daily and keep the weeds away. 
  • Fertilize when needed. 
  • Harvest the young and tender vegetables.

Final Words

The lockdown has blessed us with a very special allowance with all its negative associations- lots of spare time. Therefore, don’t idle away all of it on social media and get going with all the tasks you had been delaying for the lack of time.