Remove Default Apps From Windows

How to Remove Default Apps From Windows

Learning how to remove default apps from Windows 10 is something almost everyone with this operating system will need to master. This type of software is what Windows starts up when you first turn your computer on. It is an integral part of the operating system and is what allows your system to search for software and other programs when you start your machine up. This means that if you do not want these types of default programs on your machine you will have to learn how to uninstall them properly.

The problem with this is that most people just delete the software settings without actually removing them. They think that by deleting the settings they can improve their computer’s performance and prevent future errors. However, they are wrong. You can improve your system’s performance but you cannot prevent a future error from even happening. And removing software settings will not improve anything either.

The reason why you should not remove default programs from Windows is because they are part of the Windows system. These programs link into core system files and are therefore kept there. Without these core files, Windows will be unable to read any software settings. This includes any settings that came from software you installed. This is a big problem and needs to be fixed if you want to keep your PC running smoothly.

Remove default apps from Windows 10

However, before we move on, lets quickly cover how to remove default apps from Windows 10. To do this, you first need to look at how the registry stores software information. The registry is like a central database for your PC where all the software settings are kept. These settings tell Windows everything from how to load the programs to how much memory it has. To make sure that Windows can continue to run efficiently, it needs to read all the registry settings that are in there. This is fine while you are using the system but it gets corrupt over time, which causes all sorts of problems.

Because the registry keeps such a large number of records, it’s always getting corrupted. Each time you use your PC, 100’s of registry settings get opened and damaged. Sometimes this damage is noticeable, and sometimes you just notice a slow performance from your system. Either way, you need to be able to fix the registry if you want to improve the speed of your computer.

Using registry cleaner

How to remove default apps from Windows is to use a ‘registry cleaner’. A registry cleaner is a software program that scans through your PC and repairs any of the damaged or corrupt settings that are in there. Because of the way the registry stores all this data, it’s important that you have a good registry tool as part of your system. Not many people know this but the most effective & reliable one is a tool called RegAce.


RegAce is one of the most effective at removing default apps. It has been developed by a leading software company in the UK, who released it in 2021. RegAce looks at each file inside your PC and compares it with a list of all known registry settings. When it finds a matching registry file, it then removes it from your system. Not only does this scan your PC, but it will repair any of the damaged files that are in there as well.

To use RegAce, you first need to download a copy of this software, then install it on your PC and then let it perform a scan. It will locate all the damaged registry settings that are causing problems and repair them for you. You can then choose which files to remove, allowing your PC to run much faster and smoother as a result. If you want to learn more about how to remove default apps from windows, why not take a quick look around our website.

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