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Top Smart Toothbrushes to Keep Your Teeth Sparkling Clean

They say the quality of your teeth has a lot to do with genetics. Unfortunately, so far there is not much you can do about your genes except complain to your parents who probably complained to their parents about their bad genes when it comes to their teeth. While venting and complaining might provide some short-term relief you need to search for long-term solutions to maintaining those pearly whites. After all you can no longer afford to spare a few teeth like when you were a kid and new ones would just come out to replace the older ones. 

So, what can you do to help prevent cavities and root canals in those precious teeth? Brush your teeth and brush them well! There are many tips on how to brush your teeth such as what angle to use the brush at or how long you should brush for, but you might be in a hurry and brush quickly or too roughly without realizing. Lucky for you though the toothbrush, like other technological devices has come a long way from being just a plastic piece with bristles to an electric toothbrush to a smart toothbrush. That’s right! Many of you probably did not know that smart toothbrushes even existed but here they are. They can be connected to your smart phones and give you details like how much pressure you put on your teeth when brushing and  how long you are brushing for etc. 

Sounds amazing right? Many different brands make different smart toothbrushes so to make your life simpler we have decided to list some of the best reviewed smart toothbrushes:

Philips Sonicare (for Kids)

If you are a parent or remember the time when you were a kid you probably know that a lot of kids can be scapegoats when it comes to brushing their teeth. The task may seem arduous or pointless to them especially when they know they will get new teeth. However, developing the right brushing habits from the start is important as it helps build consistency into adulthood. 

This toothbrush does a great job at keeping kids engaged. It has a timer that indicated when you are done brushing for a full 2 minutes and it even plays music that acts as a pacer to help kids know when they should move to the next part of their mouth for brushing. Kids and parents can then review their brushing habits on an app on your smartphone connected to the toothbrush. 

Another very convenient feature of this toothbrush is that it is rechargeable, so you do not need to worry about keeping a stash of batteries. The toothbrush can last up to 2 weeks after which it needs to be charged again. Also worth noting is that the Philips Sonicare toothbrush comes in a variety of colors, so your kids have plenty of choice. Plus, this will allow them to distinguish between their toothbrushes. 

Oral-B 8000 Electric Toothbrush

For starters this awesome toothbrush is available in multiple different colors: black, white, pink, purple and not to mention rose gold. What is most impressive about this toothbrush is that it gives you real-time data on your brushing habits. Along with this there is also an LED light on your toothbrush that will indicate if you are brushing your teeth too roughly or gently. This will enable you to not corrode your teeth nor leave the plaque stuck in them. 

There is also a position detection feature which will help you know if you are holding/using your toothbrush correctly. The toothbrush comes with 6 different cleaning modes: whitening, sensitive, gum care, daily clean, pro-clean mode and tongue cleaning. 

To top things off this toothbrush comes with a smart travel case that allows you recharge both your toothbrush and your phone. So, what are you waiting for? As long as you have TDS internet you should be able to download this smart toothbrush’s app off the App Store or Play Store and have improved hygiene. 

Colgate’s Hum 

This toothbrush will keep you humming away as you brush your teeth. If you have been looking for a budget-friendly smart toothbrush then this is the one for you. First-time purchases involve buying a kit which comes with 2 AAA batteries, toothbrush head and handle along with an extra toothbrush head and a travelling case. The Hum by Colgate is available in two soothing colors: blue and teal. 

The brush has a timer that ensures you spend 2 minutes cleaning your teeth properly and also comes with the option to choose a normal or sensitive mode depending on your preference. Once you download the application for this toothbrush you can check more information about your brushing habits such as the duration and effectiveness. This data can then also be transferred into your Apple Health if you have it. 

If you can be a bit lazy about brushing your teeth then this affordable option might be good for you because this smart toothbrush had a points-based reward mechanism that translates to some real-world gifts and perks. 

The most likely annoying factor about this toothbrush may be the need to continually buy batteries especially if it suddenly stops working and you’re out of stock on your batteries. 

BLU Toothbrush

This smart toothbrush can be connected to the BLU Smart Tracking App for detailed information about your brushing session. It can show you the length of time you brushed your teeth for as well as indicate any spots you missed in real-time. In fact, it can even show you the history of your brushing sessions so you can notice if there’s a trend where you tend to miss certain spots during a brushing session. This will help make sure no plaque builds up in your mouth thereby protecting your teeth. 

The BLU toothbrush also comes with five different brushing modes and a cleverly designed brush head that allows the bristles to fade as an indicator of when your brush head needs to be replaced. Making this toothbrush an even sweeter deal is the fact that it comes with a wireless charging base so never worry about forgetting to pick up batteries from the store. 

To Sum Up

There are plenty of smart toothbrushes out there and they can be extremely helpful in motivating children as well as adults to look after their oral hygiene. The 2-minute timer feature as well as pressure and other indicators can ensure you are doing an optimum teeth-brushing job. 

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