Travel Tips for Thailand

Travel Tips for Thailand

A lot of travelers who travel to other countries prefer going by road when they travel to Thailand. This is because flying here would definitely be much more costly and time consuming. Thailand, on the other hand, is very accessible by air. Most air carriers here fly from major airports all over the world and even from Canada and other islands worldwide. Here are some travel tips that could help you get to where you are taking your vacation safely and comfortably.

Getting Thai SIM card

One of the best travel tips for traveling in Thailand is getting a Thai SIM card or an International Mobile Network (IMN) card if available. Such a card is generally valid across many currencies including the US dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, and Swiss francs. It is also useful if you are traveling to areas where both ATMs and credit card machines are available. This is especially helpful for people who often travel overseas and have to convert currencies.

Suitable bag pack

To avoid the risk of being held up at the airport, it is important that you pack something suitable for carrying your necessities in case of an emergency. For instance, a laptop would be a great item to take along if you are traveling to places outside Thailand such as Canada or the United States. If you carry-on your bag, however, you may find it easier to use a garment bag, rather than a luggage. Also, make sure that you do not bring any prescription drugs unless you are licensed to do so. In this way, you can ensure your safety as well as the security of your belongings.

Non-smoker’s motor vehicle

Other travel tips for Thais include using a non-smoker’s motor vehicle (or ATV) instead of a car, as these vehicles are very common all over the country. You will be much safer riding a motorbike, which is more affordable and allows you to move around faster. In addition, you can take the family along with you if you prefer, as most of the ATVs are dirt cheap. One tip that many use is to keep an old SIM card in the scooter or helmet while travelling to minimize the chance of getting caught with your hands in any legal trouble. Other traveler’s tips include having a water bottle with you and running out when you encounter a service like ATM that requires you to pay with cash.


Other traveler’s travel tips include taking time off before you leave to attend the religious ceremonies at the various temples in the country. There are usually a few Buddhist temples in every big city, such as Chiang Mai, which has the most temples of any city in the world. Other important temples are the Wat Arun, which are located in Pratchin Chiang, and the Grand Palace which are in Bangkok. Both of these temples are important in the Thai religion, as well as in the Thai culture itself. The onward travel tips for Thais should be related to either visiting these temples or taking time to eat traditional food at a roadside stall along the way.

Street food

The next travel tip is to take time to eat some of the ubiquitous street food of Thailand. Almost every street in Bangkok has at least one place to eat where travelers can get some quick and inexpensive snacks. A typical Thai meal consists of noodles, meat, vegetables, specialties of both the Thai culture and foreign cultures, and sometimes fruits. Street food is the best way for travelers to try new foods and discover flavors they may not have tried before. If you are staying in a reputable hotel or serviced apartment, most places offer street food and guests can use credit cards or local money to pay for their meals.

Carry only essentials

Travellers are advised to carry-on only their essentials such as toiletries and first aid kits because they may need to carry small items such as hair clips, sunglasses, or toiletries over the shoulder. Travellers are also advised to pack a small notebook and pen to write down what they may need to purchase during their stay. Some travellers like to bring along their favorite portable music device such as an ipod or mp3 player so they can listen to music while on the move. Other carry-on items you may want to consider packing include extra clothes, boots or shoes, swim wear, thermal travel socks, special shampoo or conditioner for when you head off into the sandy beaches, toiletries such as toilet paper, soap, and other body wash products, sunglasses, sun block, and a first aid kit.

For those who like to enjoy some old-fashioned shopping, the best travel tips for Thailand include enjoying the many outdoor markets which offer everything from local crafts to imported designer brands. Many markets offer not only fresh fruit and vegetables but also crafts like jewelry and garments, antiques, woodwork and paintings, metalwork, and even souvenirs. Travelers may find the best markets to visit are in Chiang Mai and its sister cities such as the capital, the Patong Beach, and larger satellite cities of Chiang Rai and Surat. You can also visit the larger cities of Bangkok and Phuket, where there are many more outdoor markets. Outdoor markets are an excellent way to experience the craftsmanship of rural life, while also enjoying some amazing shopping at the same time.

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