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Do You Have Anything You Want To Share With Us or Write For Us?

Oh Yes! We’re All Ears…

But Please Any Article You Want To write for us Should Be Original i.e It Shouldn’t Appear Anywhere Else


Length: A minimum of 1000 words (excluding author’s bio, if any) but not more than 3,000.
Formatting subheads: Give proper titles, H1, and H2 tags as required.
Add Links: Add 1-2 internal links
Plag free: 100% plagiarism-free 
Outline of content: Outline the content and give a proper small brief about it.
Paragraphs: Dividing your content into clear paragraphs makes it easier for users to read.
Links: These can be included, but must be relevant to the article.
Media:  You can include media such as images, videos, maps, tweets, etc in your post.
Images: All images should be of high quality with size (1366*768)

Guest Posts We Don’t Like

We don’t like posts that are too promotional of either the writer’s own business or of someone else’s (i.e. articles that look and read like ads). The articles should stand by themselves and provide the reader with new information rather than simply act as advertorial content

Here Are The House Rules:

Be unique
In order to publish content on the site we need to be certain that it is unique and of your own creation.  There are search engine optimization reasons for this as well as copyright reasons but we primarily want to ensure that our readers have the opportunity to read content that is unique.

Be genuine
Sometimes readers submit content to us that is well written and interesting but is just an ad for their or another person’s company. Readers tend to notice these and generally dislike them, and so do we.  If you work for a company we’re happy to give them a mention and a link in your bio but as for the main body of your article, we want that to be about your area of expertise, not about how great your company is.

Be careful
Copyright and defamation can be a legal minefield so be careful that sources are clearly stated (perhaps with links) and any statements are factual.  We might have to edit or might not be able to publish your article if there are such issues or uncertainties.


I have a few ideas; can I email them to you?
Yeah.  Have a look through the site to see the types of topics that we cover, we’re more likely to go for a post if it will be of interest to our readers.

Will you edit our post?

We will probably edit your post for our house-style but we won’t change the message or meaning of your article. 

Will you remove our article in the future?
We haven’t had to remove any guest bloggers’ articles yet but if a substantial complaint is made against a post, we may have to.  But if you follow the rules above you should be fine.


  • All submitted and approved content(s) becomes our property and shouldn’t be used anywhere else without our prior permission.
  • Please we DO NOT accept a free guest post at this time.

If you still want to proceed with the guest post(s),  you can submit your content to us via blogsgear123@gmail.com.

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